caught in the sun

In These Words 11
I can't seem to muster up anything coherent to say for this entry.
I think reading through this chapter fizzled and melted my brain.

All I can do is scream internally at how amazing it is.

This entry is very NSFW wooow

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

;da'sdasddfgf lol

I am trying to put my thoughts together, but it just isn't working.

I tried so hard not to take so many dirty photos lol. This chapter
is 50% smut, with dicks on every page pretty much.

And it was kinda hard taking photos of certain panels without
Shinohara's dick getting in the way.

Oh dear god///////////////

I would like to thank them, too, Shinohara...

Katsuya's expression here al;jds;lasd///////////

The smut in this chapter is unbelievable omgggg

Katsuya and Shinohara having a verrrrry interesting convo.

So, Katsuya is the no-strings-attached type of guy.
Now I understand why him and David didn't stay together...

For some reason I had the feeling Katsuya wasn't the type of
guy to commit to a relationship, but this chapter made it ever
more clear to me.

His persona gave off that kinda vibe (to me anyway), if that
makes any sense.


Shinohara getting a boner from watching Katsuya seductively
eat his steak lol

This Katsuya-eating-steak has become a thing now, eh.

These two silly boys//////

Aghhh, what a gooood chapter. I can't wait for chapter 12 now.

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Late reply is late...

Sorry, I've just been busy/distracted/etc by things and have been unable to string an intelligible thought together for your questions. I just can't seem to come up with anything coherent right now ahh!

Actually, I may have a few theories and answers to your questions, but I can't seem to put my thoughts together right now lol (even after all this time that's passed since you commented). I will come back and give you a more proper answer.

Though, maybe I just need the next chapter of ITW to get my mind and thought process going. lol
posted by はるか | 2014/05/19 2:40 PM
well hello!!!!!!!!! a questions again hehehehehehe....

well I have a question... why the serial killer specifically choose to katsuya for his sickness acts?..... I mean... why he choose katsuya forkidnapping and rape.... and if katsuya an keiji were investigating the killer how can the killer catch him so easily????? and in the first chapters the killer ask katsuya, if he doesn´t ask why he did that...and katsuya think he knows why...welll I can´t imagine whyyyyyyyyy hahaha do you know? or imagine that? a theory please? I can´t understand why that killer did katsuya all that........ and... when katsuya desapearing ... keiji what...he doens´t suspect that something was wrong?..... and.,... my curiosity why the killer let katsuya alive........ what do you think about all this?
posted by Athem-taiho | 2014/04/07 8:21 AM
@rei & wei

(wei! I accidentally deleted your comment, so sorry!!)

Hello, guys! Thanks for your comments.

Ah, I don't know what to think regarding him not wanting to commit to a relationship. Him not wanting a relationship can be for a number of reasons, really. And I can think of several reasons at the top of my head.

Or maybe there is no /deep/ reason to it, and instead it's that darn strong ego he has lol (if you read the chapter, you'll know what I'm talking about)

Like Katsuya said to Shinohara:
"We are simply two people who are getting rid of mutual stress. (...) Don't need the extra baggage. I don't need to be in a relationship to be happy."

However, I do think he may hold feelings of fondness, to a certain extent, for the people he has sexual affairs with, like David and Shinohara for example, yet he doesn't allow himself to go any deeper, emotionally, with said people. Why? I don't know. Maybe he just doesn't care to and that's just the way he rolls. And I don't think that makes him a bad person either. Relationships and emotions work different for everyone.

Both David and Shinohara knew what they were getting into, as I'm sure Katsuya let them know beforehand what type of relationship it was going to be.

Ah, a part of me would love to think that he truly was in love with David. Their relationship seemed so sweet and beautiful! I suppose we'll have to wait and see how it all pans out later with Shinohara, and/or if there's a real reason as to why he broke up with David. Who knows, really!

I wanted to say more, but I haven't quite put my thoughts together for this chapter, heh.
posted by はるか | 2014/03/09 2:00 PM
Hi はるかsan!Thank you so much for sharing as always,I'm so happy with these super-hot photos...yes my copy is still on its way..(got my WAYF as a valentine's day gift from myself..)
So, Katsuya considers Shino as a sex friend....and Shino seems ok with it,but
nobody knows how their relationship will develop... still I'd like to believe maybe he's pretending to be a no-strings-attached guy,because he left David for a reason and still has feelings for him...It's not that I like David for Katsuya more than Shino,(or maybe I do,lol)but I just miss the sweet sweet Katsuya that he used to be,rather than the recent cool bitchy Katsuya...
posted by rei | 2014/03/08 1:43 PM
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